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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
3:26 pm - Lies:

Hey guys! I'm new to this community and I just wanted to say "hey!"

Remember the whole censorship tussle? That was wack!

Anywho! Hope you're all having a "pathetic" day ;)~~~!

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Saturday, February 17th, 2007
2:33 am - new add

Hi,  just added onto the community.

my pathetic name:  Alexandra M.  Woolner

thanks for having me :]

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
8:22 pm

Glad I found you all! Even though this community appears to be dead!

Pathetic.org writer Elisabeth Skipp here, by the by. How is everybody?

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Thursday, May 12th, 2005
11:20 am - When it all starts

Sighs lead to longing
Longing leads to tears
Tears lead to torment
The mind holds it all
But what
What leads to redemption


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11:20 am - Hate of the Grave

Hate of the Grave
by Volkeahrien Velderath

Flow fourth you blood mine's long spilled
Body dead and soul lives on
I cursed you then and plague you now
I'm fuled by desire and protected by hate
I'll kill you too and seal your fate
Together we die
So share my grave, the dirt it knows
We've both been named, at deaths door
I'll hold not you, only my hate.


This one is a bit violent, all in words nothing in actions.

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11:19 am - Breath of cold memories

the sidewalk is cold warmed by my footsteps my heart is heavy plagued by memories
forward I walk watching shadows past, chilled to the bone not by this nights air
I alone know my dark secerets, thougnts now frozen in days long past
scared so deeply not all visible the feel of her warm touch forever faded
so alone I walke warming the sidewalk with my footsteps

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11:19 am - Sometimes

Sometimes it's that though you can't
Sometimes it's that feeling you can't
Sometimes it's that moment you can't
Sometimes it's that person you can't
Sometimes it's that something you can't
Sometimes, just sometimes though it is.


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11:18 am - Dark Lovers

Dark Lovers
by Volkeahrien Velderath

In the night they laid
A dark love they shared
The pain was great
The're hearts were broken
Tears fell and time healed
So far apart they walk
Now they're healed
No dark love do they need
And a new passion possessed
By each of the once dark lovers


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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
9:50 am

He knew her well and held her close on the long cold nitghts
Love washed over her and filled her up
The reciprocation of emotion he breathed in and left him high
He walked on clouds and talked with angels but forever he thought he'd have his angel
Passion swept them and in her kiss was his everything
Her palm held his world and heart held his love
He watched in horror as her hand opened and his all fell
In vain he strained to catch his beautiful world
Heart shattered and love lost he held her only in memories
She's not dead but is cold much like his arms now without her.
Walking away she steps through all he has left
In his pain he sits now among all he lost
Waiting for nothing he knows his fate
Living with the long ceased love he knows now
The only thing thats eternal is left in memories.


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Friday, January 28th, 2005
8:59 pm - The World Gone By

The cold floor draws the warmth from their bodies as the
Lifeless ceiling stairs back at them
Hold eachother tight remembering yesterdays silent
Tears fall slowly to the ground
Their souls deeply mixed not able to tell one from another they
Stare deep into one anothers eyes
So much of you in me she says as he dreams
Of how things could have been different
Today holds a dawn not for everyone
Soon this short lived night will fade and
Tomorrow will come
Calm heartbeats echo off the soft white walls
He leaves her there knowing she wants his warmth
Things never ment to be like this now
No other way out
Nolonger she holds his person
he leaves his Soul
As he walks through the door
What was formed from both of them now
Nolonger held breath
The pain he feels runs through all his body
Reprieve he will find and with a
Bang this world as yesterdays past is
Gone to him forever

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
3:09 am - A jester dreaming

Distturb him not for he is dreaming
Dreaming not of what could be
Dreaming not of what was
Dreaming not of what is
He is dreaming for those who can not
He dreams now and will tomorrow
His dreams are not of other people
His dreams walk were do the gods
For when he dreams, his eyes are not always closed
For when he dreams, his world can be his own
For when he dreams, he dreams as if only he can dream.

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Sunday, December 19th, 2004
9:27 pm - Paper in your soul.

How I despise you and yearn for you
Tremendous power you can wield
Yet only through others and granted by me,
Such a source of reformation
Of love, passion, lust and hate
Or carrier of deceit
With no bounds or limitations
Not restrained by age or shackled by fate
So delicate and fragile yet never destroyed
I loathe and cherish all that you are
With sentiment I carry
All that you are
Both Loved and loathed
Media of the ages
Able to burn both in the world and emotion
And even if blank
Both nothing and all that can be

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
11:35 am

My soul it bleeds pouring from my eyes
My heart is shattered yet still it beats
My body's wracked but now I dream,
Dreamed of tomorrow, dreaming of today,
And know that when I dream of you
My eyes are open and soul bleeds,
But still I dream,
I dream,
I dream.

Volkeahrien -> silent with pain

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Monday, November 29th, 2004
1:58 pm - a brief hello

i've just begun on pathetic, but i've been writing on livejournal for over a year now. looking forward to reading some great work, and sharing some of my own.

take care everyone!

amanda caswell

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
2:53 pm - My Path Ahead

As I play my soul grows older
As I wait my soul grows colder
My heart is weak it barey beats
I stand in front of empty seats

My body sleeps and so I dream
My body wakes and so I scream
I walk with eyes so very wide
I only want to run and hide

You said you would stay but now you’re gone
The end begins within this song
I loved you now, I loved you then
I would love you forever again, and again

Now I have lost my world of wonder
And my heart is torn asunder
I long to die I wish for rest
I could barely ask for less

If some day we meet again
Could we be happy even then?
I know you’re gone
And I’m alone, and now my way shall be my own

-this is now a song I recorded but this is what it came from.

Volkeahrien - Silent with pain

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
4:11 am - What being up 2 days in a row, and finding out more than you can handle can do to you....

The dawn this days not for my eyes
These words are true not lead by guise
I lost a friend, myself long gone
My soul is dead now body join it

A shallow grave I dig tonight
I’ll lay in it before first light
My hearts not still but will not beat
The love I lost was never given

The heart beat heard is new to me
This heart beat heard is dear to me
I dig my grave to its blissful rhythm
My heart must stop within its rhythm

My body aches with its dead soul
The night so silent like roaring thunder
Now to rid myself of the sweetest pain
The deed now done I’ll sleep in soil

Gather not round my grave to grieve
I’ve searched so long and found reprieve
Don’t cry for me, let no tear fall
The tears’ve been shed their of my soul

Laying still eternally sleeping now in tear rid earth
So leave me now, forget my life
My presence here is but faded light (echos)
Nothings here of my old soul

The spark of life not with me
So all that’s left it has grown cold
So all that’s left it is but echos
Echos of a tattered, shattered soul

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
10:20 am
pens_do_blossom Join Evidence of Life!

Hey guys. I didn't see anything stating I couldn't advertise. My apologies if I skimmed too quickly. This is a poetry club. We rate to ensure to you that your poem will be read. Only helpfull critiques are allowed, and no unconstructive critism is accepted. Please check it out and have a lovely day!

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
1:50 pm - im a little blocked


High Aim and Low Standards


The night air leaves those banged up legs goose bumped.

But there are more defined things to be felt than the august cold.

Black cigarette hangs carelessly from a sad mouth,

While a determined hand barcodes a taught forearm.

She’s been tagged and posed,

Resale value suggests higher than what you’ll actually have to pay.

A bargain really. Bar and Gain.

Cock that gun, and clit that trigger.

Bang, Bang. She’s dead.


She wants to give the world to a boy who just wants to shoot the moon.


current mood: groggy

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
12:06 pm - hola

Hey all, just found this community. I'm Sara Kennedy on Pathetic.

So... just saying hi. I'll be around. :-)

current mood: silly

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
4:19 pm - hey everybody.....

hey there, its Amanda L. Marron, i never knew we had a patheticpoets circle on livejournal. i originally have a blurty journal but just had to join livejournal so i can be a part. hehehehe.

current mood: awake

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