Volkeahrien the Unpronouncable (volkeahrien) wrote in patheticpoets,
Volkeahrien the Unpronouncable

The World Gone By

The cold floor draws the warmth from their bodies as the
Lifeless ceiling stairs back at them
Hold eachother tight remembering yesterdays silent
Tears fall slowly to the ground
Their souls deeply mixed not able to tell one from another they
Stare deep into one anothers eyes
So much of you in me she says as he dreams
Of how things could have been different
Today holds a dawn not for everyone
Soon this short lived night will fade and
Tomorrow will come
Calm heartbeats echo off the soft white walls
He leaves her there knowing she wants his warmth
Things never ment to be like this now
No other way out
Nolonger she holds his person
he leaves his Soul
As he walks through the door
What was formed from both of them now
Nolonger held breath
The pain he feels runs through all his body
Reprieve he will find and with a
Bang this world as yesterdays past is
Gone to him forever
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