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the pathetic poets society on livejournal
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hi. this would be the official pathetic poetry community here on livejournal. our userbase is evergrowing, but somewhat unmotivated to say much. this circle is for those who are members of pathetic, as well as those who wish to apply or just have a general interest in poetry. below is a list of current members libraries (updated 11/12/03). enjoy!

lj username pathetic library lj username pathetic library
_thewriter chad bauer erethralasylum angelene stevens
angryhippo cole miller fallen_behind joshua jenkins
furyfairy krista brock
betweenhell andrew adams geekpuss ashley caise
brachaingeal amalthea robins graveyardstars aiko scott
bubblesthesmurf kimberly bowen ineffectual Elyse Einziger
cellochyc erin patterson jaceknight ray morris
chewingonstars caitlin mullarky portebelelog gilbert kent
communistgnome bryan walker saphnet maris kemp
crimsonempyrean lynsee f. lauritson tiredofwords kelly e bartolotta
cunnin_linguist jacquelin Marie welshmaidn jennifer banks
dickymon richard d frederick wileyotis wiley otis
dreester1121 andrea clark

any questions or thoughts or whatever should be directed to betweenhell. have a fab day!